Welcome to the Slot Car Wiki
Welcome to the Slot Car Wiki

New to slot cars?

1:32 scale slot cars
1:32 scale slot cars

If you're completely new to slot cars, and are looking for some help in figuring out what might be best for you and your family or friends, take a look at our Beginner's Guide for some helpful tips on choosing the best type, scale, and even manufacturer to get you started.

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Begin your journey into the Slot Car Wiki by using the Search form in the upper left corner, or by clicking on these primary categories and browsing for the information you seek!

  • Scale - This is the size of your guided model car. For example, HO or 1/64, 1/43, 1/32, or 1/24.
  • Manufacturer - This is the brand of your car or track, such as Scalextric, AFX, ScaleAuto?, etc.
  • Type - This is the type of system, e.g. traditional (analog), digital, or other types.

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Mixed Scalextric Sport & Classic track
Mixed Scalextric Sport & Classic track

Welcome to our crowd-sourced site! You can browse the wiki for information completely anonymously. Start your Slot Car Wiki experience by choosing your favorite Scale, Manufacturer, or Type of guided scale model racing, or use the Search tool to see if we have the specific information you need. If not, consider joining our community and starting your own page for others to contribute to.

We need Authors!

The goal of this site is to create a knowledge hub for everyone who is interested in guided model cars, aka "slot cars", to participate and collaborate together. Unfortunately, a small number of authors means a small amount of information. This repository of information will only be useful when a lot of people not only contribute new content, but also keep that content up to date with changes over time. If you wish to contribute, just register, and then you can also visit the Homepage for Registered users, where you will be able to test some of the features which will allow you to work collaboratively with others.

Step 1: Explore

  • Search for Content
  • Visit Wiki Pages
  • Read Blogs

Step 2: Ask a Question and Give Feedback

  • Register to become part of the community
  • Ask questions in the Forums (for wiki coordination)
  • Give feedback using Comments at the bottom of any page

Step 3: Contribute

  • Start Creating, Editing and Enhancing our Community Knowledge Base.

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