About the SlotCarWiki

Who does it belong to?

The Slot Car Wiki belongs to the slot car community. It belongs to the young person who just picked up their first car and controller. It belongs to the slot car hobbyist who remembers when commercial slot car track parlors were as common as bowling alleys, and has enjoyed them ever since. It belongs to everyone who has an interest, at any level, in guided model car racing of any kind, whatever the size, cost, or level of competition.

No really, who owns it?

Okay, okay. The slotcarwiki.org domain is owned by Greg Gaub, possibly more well known to the slot car community as MrFlippant?. He owns the domain, and pays for the server that hosts it. But, as above, it no more "belongs" to him than it does to any other single individual.

Why does it exist?

The Slot Car Wiki exists because, honestly, we couldn't find any other true wiki dedicated to slot cars to contribute to. We looked, really. Oh, there are lots of slot car web sites. Some even call themselves a wiki, even though they're not. This is the only true wiki dedicated to slot cars at the time of this being written.

What do you mean by "true wiki?"

A true wiki is a site where a user can register and create new pages, edit existing pages, and contribute to the content on the site without a "webmaster" doing all the work behind the scenes. It allows the information to grow and be refined in real time, with no delays or reliance on any single person or small group of people. While there does exist some inherent risk of vandalism, a wiki also allows editors and admins to easily revert a page back to it's proper form, should any vandalism occur. The trade-off in "security" is well worth the ability for the community to build the content of the site.

Who can contribute?

Anyone! No, really, anyone. We have several contributors already, some of whom have been working tirelessly to add content and improve the wiki for all visitors. If you have any knowledge of any facet of any type of guided model car racing that you would like to share, or even if you just see a mistake or omission on a wiki page somewhere, please feel empowered to register and create or edit a page. If you need any help or guidance, there's a forum specifically for wiki management that you can post to, or use our minichat for quick feedback from other editors. The only way this wiki will become truly useful to everyone is for everyone to contribute what they know.

How long will it last?

How long is a piece of string? But, seriously, as long as possible. We have no intention of allowing this domain and server to lapse. Anything can happen, of course, but if there is any hint that Greg will no longer be able to support it, we will do everything we can to ensure that the wiki continues to survive. Whether that is by moving to a different server, asking for monetary contributions, or what, we don't know. But, rest assured that we will not just "forget" about it, or "change servers" and leave this one to rot. Greggie don't play dat!

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