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C7042 Scalextric Digital Advanced 6 Car Powerbase (APB)



C7042 Digital Advanced 6 Car Powerbase is the most recent Scalextric 6-car powerbase, replacing the C7030. C7042 is often referred to as the Advanced Powerbase or APB for short.

The C7042 can be used with computer software Race Management Systems (RMS).


  • 6 car digital control
  • 2 lane/car analog control
  • Yellow Flag
  • Pace Cars
  • Different Race Types


  • v.084 - The original production version
  • v.085 - The current production version
  • v1.09 - The current 3rd party firmware


  • 3rd Party Firmware
  • High Power Hardware upgrade(external link)

Frequently asked questions

Missed laps

Car IR LED not always detected by start/finish line sensor

  • Car swinging out or raised up.
  • Dust on the track sensors
  • Transluscent guides eg. red, white, blue (analogue mode)
  • Car LED dirty or scratched
  • Place the sensor track at the end of a line of straights and where the car is slowing down.
  • Replace the guide with a SureChange? guide where the IR LED is located in the guide rather than on the car floor panel
  • Clean or replace car LED

False lap times

Phantom or miniscule lap time, like 0.002 secs, is recorded.

  • Bug?
  • Long, non standard or non black guides
  • Momentary short circuit
  • Set the minimum lap time above zero - one or two seconds is a good start point. (Located in the tower menu under “yellow flag”).
  • Change or shorten the guide.
  • Shorten, tidy up or replace the braids

Pulsing in analog mode

Some APBs cause motors to pulse and become uncontrollable in some higher power motors like NSR, particularly at low speeds

  • Pulse width modulation/bug?
  • Pulsing at low revs can be smoothed by adding a ceramic capacitor (like 104M – 0.1uF) across the motor terminals. Alternatively add two capacitors, one on each rail of one track piece.
  • Pulsing at high revs - no solution yet
More information on Slotforum(external link)

One or two SSD Power supply units?

Standard Scalextric power blocks (C7024 UK, C7032 Europe, C7033 USA, Australia C7038) for the C7042 APB can supply up to four amps each and either one or two can be connected to the APB.
  • Digital mode will work with one power block plugged into either socket.
  • Generally, one power block is only sufficient for three cars on the track, but maybe less if you have several lane changers.
  • In analogue mode, two power blocks are required to enable power to both lanes. However, with one power block, a dummy plug in the second socket will activate the second lane and the power will be shared between the two lanes, although it may not provide enough power in all situations.

Third-party / Aftermarket power blocks

  • Non Scalextric power blocks are not recommended by Scalextric and will probably void your warranty
  • Other power blocks with the correct voltage and sufficient amps may work, like a Toshiba 15v 5amp power block with a 3.0 x 6.3mm plug. (Slotforum link)(external link).
  • Mixing two different brands of power blocks on one APB at the same time is not recommended.

Plug sizes

Hand controller (throttle) plugs are 2.5mm mono jack plugs; DC power plugs are 3.0 x 6.3 x 9mm; AUX socket for PC connection is RJ11

Separating the powerbase from its track piece with the sensors

This can be done by carefully cutting the power and sensor wires and adding suitable extension cables between the powerbase and the track piece.

Can two powerbases be connected to one track at the same time without any modifications?

exclaim No. This will not work and could damage the powerbases.

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