Rainier Raceways

Rainier Raceways
Rainier Raceways

Rainier Raceways is a private residence track located in Auburn, WA, USA 98092. This track regularly hosts EMSA and DRAWW races.


Greg Gaub
Email: ggaub at ggaub.com
Hours: By Appointment or publicized open races.


This is a 6 car Scalextric Sport Digital (SSD) or two lane analog track. Although the track is plastic, every join has been jumped and there are 9 hard wired power taps around the track. This track is capable of powering any slot car you put on it... seriously.


ANY slot car. I have several sets of cars to race as well as several singles for just driving and practicing. I can also help you chip any car, or if you have a DPR car you can get your own chip for it and race it on my track. Note that digital cars for other systems do NOT run on SSD track.


Digital hookups are provided for Scalextric Digital controllers such as stock, TruSpeed?, and even Slot.it SCP digital with dedicated power at each station. Analog hookups are XLR as per instructions found on SCI (1-Black, 2-White, 3-Red), but adapters for alligator clip controllers are also available.


Pyramid PS26KX power supply powers both analog and digital. No power loss, and plenty to spare.


Rainier Raceways is a proud supporter of Scalextric and the PB-Pro team and is happy to showcase all the best mods and accessories for Scalextric Sport Digital racing including: APB , PB-Pro, Simple-H, Pit-Pro, Lap Display, SSDC , Slot.it digital cars and controllers, INOX rail treatment, and more! If you live in or are traveling to the Seattle/Tacoma, Washington, USA area and would like to stop by for some racing, please feel free to PM or email me at any time!


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