SSD 101

If you are new to SSD and just want to have fun with your set, have at it! SSD works great out of the box and you don't need all the info here. If, however, something is not working correctly, or you'd like to build a permanent layout and take your digital racing to the next level, read on. This is not a sales pitch, it is intended to make sure new and potential SSD users know something about how SSD works so they can enjoy it more.

The purpose of this article is to give you all the info you need to enjoy SSD. To make it easy, I'll break the thread into several posts that will cover the following:

Overview, What is SSD?
The Track
How SSD Works - the Powerbase (pb), Controllers, Digital Transformer and 3rd Party Power Supplies (PSUs)
The Lane Changers (CLCs and XLCs)
The Cars
The Chips
The RMS - Race Management Programs
The Mods
Future History - Where We've Been and Where We're Going

Apologies to Spa67, Kaspin42, JohnH, and many others whose pics I have shamelessly co-opted.

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