SSD 101 - What is SSD


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SSD - short for Scalextric Sport Digital - lets up to 6 drivers each race their own car on a 2 lane layout.

SSD was first introduced in 2004. As Scaley designed it, the system allowed more people to race at once with lane changing and passing. This alone made SSD more like real racing and much more fun than even large, multi-lane layouts. With SSD you no longer need a very large space to have a layout that you and many friends can all race on at the same time. Plus, the ability to pick a line through a corner and the need to plan your passing strategy adds a touch of realism that you can't find in analog racing.

But that's not the end of it! SSD has been extended by the users here at SF to have many more features than Scaley initially envisioned. Right now we have two primary modifications - mods - that make SSD even more fun:

Powerbase Pro - this is new firmware code that replaces the program found in the stock c7030 pb and adds many new features. The new feature I like best is ghost cars - computer controlled cars that serve as traffic you have to get around while racing. Other like the ability for the pb to talk back and forth to a Race Management program - this gives us pitstops and fuel management, as well as timing and scoring. You can find out more about PB Pro at its website

Simple-H mod - this is an off-the-shelf board that replaces the power output section in the stock c7030 pb to greatly increase the power handling capability and fault tolerance of the pb. The Simple-H mod can supply up to 25 amps to the track, enough to race 6 cars with hot, 30K motors or up to 5 cars with many ghost cars. It also eliminates the need to wire the lane change track sections with their own power supply separate from the track rails. To get the benefit of the Simple-H mod you do need to have a 3rd party power supply.

Getting these mods is easy - you just mail your c7030 pb off to one of the users here at SF who do upgrades - and they cover the globe!

Right now, all Scaley sets and the new c7040 digital conversion kit come with a 4 car pb. You can see this pb in the picture of the contents of the conversion kit below. This pb works great to race up to 4 cars on a 2 lane track with a modest number of lane changers. It cannot be upgraded with PB Pro or Simple-H. Also, it lacks an aux port - a data port - so it cannot be used with external lap time displays or race management programs.

You don't have to be stuck with the 4 car pb. The c7030 pb, and the older c7011 digital conversion kit and c1140T Lane Change Challenge Set - both of which include the 6 car pb - are still available from many retailers as listed in this thread.

Supplies of the old 6 car pb are limited because Scaley is coming out with a new 6 car pb - c7042 - in 2009. This pb will add many of the features of PB Pro but not all. Also, because slot cars are marketed as toys and must comply with legal restrictions on power handling, the new pb will not be able to supply all the power that a c7030 pb upgraded with Simple-H can supply.

Undoubtedly, the users here at SF will eventually work out how to upgrade the new 6 car pb, but in the meantime you're not stuck, get a c7030 pb and you can have all the features today.

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