guide to HO

This is a guide to the basics of HO scale slot racing, including a primer on how to use and maintain your cars.

Keep your car clean...

  1. Paintbrush - This is a key tool. Along with compressed air, you can dislodge some of the dirt built up around the axle and its bearing. To do this, take the axle out and brush away the dirt and clean.
  2. Oil - The oil used for this can be found on ebay. All you need to do is put a small splash onto the main drive gear and in the bearing on the gear end. This makes it run smoother and not run rough when the bearing is damaged from wear.
  3. Yyres and pickups - Keep them clean and free of debris. This makes for a better contact with the track. Clean these every race, before and during heats used in racing.
  4. Gear Mesh - Make sure you have a good mesh for your gears so that it's smooth and does not run rough, which can damage the axle and the pinion.

Chassis Types

Some chassis commonly used for racing.

AFX Mega G (1.7-1.5 brush motor). These chassis are more common for new NASCAR and Mustang bodies, however these are really fast depending on the armature you can get. They have a strong rear block magnet which can be swapped for a cut down version on a Tomy SRT. These chassis are really strong and are fast but run off an exposed brush motor system. These brushes are made cheaply so break fast, and changing them can be a nightmare as they are spring loaded.

AFX Super G(new)
These cars are really fast once they have been run in, provided you have a really good two dot magnet set in the back. Then, you can fly along and hurtle round corners. These cars are like mini mod cars and can have a range of armatures and axles plus magnets, however the problem is they need to be run in to be fast and so can be a pain to race.

Tyco Tycos, new and old, don't have a lot special about them, however they can be real quick and can be changed and swapped and are always available because they are still being developed. However, the magnets are not the best in the new or old.

Tomy Turbo/SRT
These little rascals were the brain child behind Tomy. The turbo hasn't any real magnets but a can arm that is beefy and fast, and can be swapped to its brother the SRT, which has similar magnets to the mega g from afx but bigger and more powerful. However, these are not produced and so parts can be hard to find.

Life-Like A Life-Like? chassis is a real hit or miss event with super strong magnets and a powerful motor. They can lead to a super mod car but the only pitfall is that it's hard to find a good one and changing parts is hard to do.

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